Video Editing Services

Buranding is a professional video editing services company, doing all kinds of video editing with your raw footage. If you are looking for a trustworthy video editing company to have your videos professionally and quickly edited, we will gladly fulfill the task.

Top Quality


Fast Delivery

Affordable Prices

Video Editing Pricing

Basic Level

  • 30 Min of the Source Video (RAW Video)
  • Pro Cut & Transitions
  • Image Stabilization
  • Color Correction
  • Sound Adjustment
  • Music Adding
  • Add Simple Header
  • Following Clients’ Style
  • 1 Final Edited Video

Additional Services

  • Every Next 30 Min + 60$
  • Up to 50 Photos Adding + 50$
  • Animated Text/Titles Adding +50$

Bulk Video Editing Services for Permanent Clients

total cost is
more than
$1500.00 US

total cost is
more than
$3000.00 US

Receive 15% OFF and 30% OFF discounts to the basic price of all video editing services during one month if the total cost of your order is more than $1500.00 – $3000.00 US.

Video Editing Samples:

#1 Wedding Video Editing

Cost US $230

#2 Drone Video Editing

Cost US $500

#3 GoPro Video Editing

Cost US $380

#4 Home Video Editing

Cost US $500

#5 Product Video Editing

Cost US $50

#6 Corporate Video Editing

Cost US $440

#7 Vlog Video Editing

Cost US $370

#8 Real Estate Video Editing

Cost US $140

Video Editing Services by Buranding: